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Our Story

Nestled in the heart of our cherished community, Fin & Flame is part of a two-generation, family-owned restaurant group that has been tied to the Palm City culinary scene since 1994.

For two generations, we’ve perfected the art of seafood dining, while preserving the essence of our local roots. With Fin & Flame, our team wanted to bring you a new concept that embraces water and fire, while exploring the ocean depths and grill heights!

Join us to savor the timeless tastes and welcoming hospitality that have defined us for decades, fused with our new, unique flavors and vibrant community gathering space!

Our affiliation with the renowned Prawnbroker Restaurant Group, a multi-concept seafood restaurant group that set sail in Florida’s culinary waters in 1978, solidifies our commitment to excellence in seafood cuisine and genuine hospitality. Visit our other Prawnbroker Restaurant Group establishments:

East Coast

West Coast

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